The earth fault locator ESG NT

Product Description

The earth fault locator ESG NT is used for the high accuracy pinpointing of a sheath fault. State of the art technology in connection with a bright, sun readable TFT color Display allows an very easy use.

The display happens by a bargraph, similar to the analogue display or by a history display, which shows the deflections of the last 7 pulses. A fully automatic calibration keeps the display always at zero and the integrated noise suppression eliminates all influences by DC, Railway currents, industrial plants and high resistive soil environment. By two earth rods, the ground step voltage potential is measured and the direction towards the fault is indicated by the display.

Key benefits:

  • Automatic adaptation to voltage level
  • Automatic filtration of interfering signals
  • Automatic zero calibration, no adjustments necessary
  • History mode
  • High-contrast color display

As source for the exact pinpointing with the ESG NT the following equipment is available:

  • BT 500 IS-1
  • MMG 10
  • MFM 10
  • and all other SebaKMT systems with pulsed output voltage for sheath fault pinpoint location

The ESG NT is also available as combination set with the digiPHONE+ in one unit.


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