In this section you can find information about measuring instruments and diagnostic equipment, which PROMIX Ltd supplies to the enterprises of power engineering

During many last years PROMIX Ltd delivers control-measuring instruments, the diagnostic equipment, mobile electric laboratories for the control of parameters of the high-voltage equipment and power cables, thermo vision devices to the enterprises of power engineering of Ukraine and the CIS countries. The company deals with shipment of equipment, which we develop and manufacture together with ukrainian partners (Institute of electrodynamics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, SPE “Aniger”, JSC “Khmelnitskoblenergo”, Oltest Ltd etc.), and also devices and the equipment of leading world manufacturers.

PROMIX Ltd is a dealer in Ukraine of such companies, as SEBA DYNATRONIC MESS – UND ORTUNGSTECHNIK GMBH, Germany, one of leading European manufacturers of mobile electric laboratories and the diagnostic equipment for the control of parameters of cable lines; TEGAM, USA, the manufacturer of microohmmeters, testers, thermometers and other devices; Tinsley Precision Instruments, Great Britain, the manufacturer milli – and the microohmmeters, the special diagnostic equipment for the control of transformers; QuadTech, USA, developer HiPot of testers, ohmmeters; Radian Research, USA, the manufacturer of exemplary standards and the equipment for checking of the electric equipment (counters of the electric power, wattmeters); IET Labs, USA, the manufacturer of the microohmmeters, reference resistors, etc.

The cooperation of PROMIX Ltd with Doble Engineering Co, USA, has begun in 2008. This company widely known to experts all over the world as the manufacturer of equipment for diagnostics of the high-voltage electric equipment.