It is difficult to overestimate value of electric power industry in maintenance of economic independence of any state at the present stage of development of a civilisation. The estimation of a real condition of the power equipment, timely diagnostics of its parameters is a priority at maintenance of an uninterrupted supply of electricity on objects of a national economy.
One of basic elements of a complex of the electrical means necessary for generating, transferring and electric power distribution, are the power transformers.
Diagnostics of high-voltage transformers is carried out on the basis of measurement and an estimation of variety of parameters, the main of which are the capacity and a tangent of angle of dielectric losses of windings of the transformer, high-voltage transformer bushings and transformer oil, structure of gases in transformer oil, resistance of isolation of windings, resistance of windings and transformer ratio, temperature of windings and others. Providing of the power enterprises by the modern high-precision instruments and the diagnostic equipment is the major scientific and technical problem.

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