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History of our Company

“PROMIX” Ltd was created in February, 1996 by the former research associates of Institute of electrodynamics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The main activity of the company since the creation date was delivery of measuring equipment, diagnostic equipment and computer facilities to the enterprises of electrical power branch. Market’s conditions in those years forced company to be engaged except primary activity also in such directions as delivery of the electric power on an unregulated tariff, export import of the enterprises of machine-building and petrochemical industries production.

Among the company’s partners at that time were: the enterprises of power branch (SS “Hmelnitsky NPP”, Neteshin; JSC Dneprogidroenergo, Vyshgorod); chemical and engineering plants (JSC Oriana, Kalush;, JSC Krasitel, Rubezhnoye; Nikolaev aluminous plant; JSC Barva, Ivano-Frankovsk; JSC Azovobshchemash, Mariupol); international concerns (“SIEMENS A.G.”, “Mitsubishi Corporation”, “Digital Equipment Corporation”); leading research institutes of Ukraine (JSC Impuls, Severodonetsk; Kharkov institute of complex automation, Kharkov; Institute of electrodynamics of NAN of Ukraine, Kiev).

Since 2000 “PROMIX” Ltd completely focused on cooperation with domestic and foreign developers and producers of the control, measuring and diagnostic equipment for power and other industries, participating in production and promotion of this equipment on Ukrainian and foreign countries markets. One of the first devices, which was presented by our company on Ukrainian market, was automatic high-voltage bridge CA 7100, produced by SSIE “Spetsavtomatika”. The device combines achievements of scientific school of the academician F.B. Grinevich, who had been heading department of electric and magnetic measurements of Institute of electrodynamics of NAN of Ukraine for many years, and practical requirements of power and electrotechnical industries experts. Now this device and a number of other devices with the CA trademark are produced by Oltest Ltd. Our company is a dealer of Oltest Ltd in Ukraine.

From the beginning of 2003 “PROMIX” Ltd began cooperation with Kharkiv scientific and manufacturing enterprise. First of all, this cooperation is connected with design and a complete set of mobile electrotechnical laboratories, the instruments for electrical power equipment parameters control, the devices for high-voltage cables isolation diagnostics. The industrial and commercial association was created for realization of these tasks. The structure of association, except “PROMIX” Ltd, included FLP Butko M. V., FLP Tkachenko S.B., Etalon-Pribor Ltd, Molniya-Harkov Ltd, Alliance-S Ltd and some other enterprises.

At the end of 2003 the scientific and technical group, headed by the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the winner of the USSR State award M. N. Surdu, was created in “PROMIX” Ltd. The group deal with development of bridge measuring instruments of parameters of an impedance of various class of accuracy, and also was engaged in creation of measuring instruments in the field of a thermoconductometry and thermometry. The main task for group was creation of the modern, high-precision measuring instrument of an impedance parameters. Instrument had to replace automatic Bridge P 5083 which was developed and produced more than 20 years ago by PA “Tochelektropribor”, Kiev. Development of precision RLC meter of MHC1100 became the result of the solution of this task.

Cooperation of “PROMIX” Ltd with Institute of electrodynamics of NAN of Ukraine and SPE “Aniger”, Kiev, allowed to execute in 2004 the first export deliveries of the information and diagnostic complex “Regina”. The complex is intended for analog and digital signals registration, emergencies development analysis, relay protection and automatic equipment functioning assessment, short circuits power lines place of damage definition and other diagnostics problems solutions in power industry.

Active work of company’s staff allowed “PROMIX” Ltd” to become the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition “Leader of Fuel and Energy Complex, 2004” in the nomination “Innovative Project” in 2004 (together with SSIE “Spetsavtomatika).

Development of the Ukraine industry and, respectively, increase of demand on control-measuring devices and systems for instrument making, metrology forced “PROMIX” Ltd to search new suppliers, and to expand the nomenclature of the delivered equipment which isn’t manufactured now in Ukraine yet. The company held negotiations with the Amtest-TM company, Czech Republic, which specializes on deliveries and technical support of measuring and processing equipment in the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe. At the beginning of 2004 our company signed the dealer agreement with the Amtest-TM on control, measuring and diagnostic equipment leading global manufacturers representation in Ukraine.

Development and complete set of mobile ETL demanded the solution of more and more wide complex of tasks and, respectively, equipping of laboratories by additional devices and the equipment. In particular, thermovision equipment (IR cameras), handheld instruments for measurement of electric parameters and diagnostic equipment. IR cameras in laboratories allow to increase reliability and safety of process of diagnostics of the electrotechnical equipment due to implementation of preliminary contactless measurement of temperature on the surface of object.

In the same time SPF Titan T Ltd, Khmelnytsky, along with the Kharkov industrial and commercial association, became the partner of our company in the field of mobile ETL creation. In 2006 “PROMIX” Ltd became the dealer of SEBA KMT, Germany, one of the world leaders in the field of development and producing of the diagnostic equipment and mobile laboratories for control, test and localization of damages of cable lines.

Work on development of RLC meter MHC1100 came nearer to the finish. In 2006 “PROMIX” Ltd presented the device on competition on the best scientific and technical development to branches of mechanical engineering. The RLC meter MHC1100 became one of winners of competition, having received the 2nd place in the nomination “Metrological ensuring of production”. At the end of 2007 the RLC meter MHC1100 was entered in the State register of means of measuring equipment of Ukraine. The first devices were delivered to enterprises of standardization and metrology of Ukraine as a working standard of the 2nd category. And in 2008 the RLC meter MHC1100 and automatic precision measuring system (RLC Model 2100 Comparator) were delivered to Head department of measures of the Republic of Poland. The certificate on recognition of the approved type of measuring instruments of the Republic of Kazakhstan was received in the same year and delivery of the device in this country was executed.

The cooperation of “PROMIX” Ltd with JSC “Hmelnitskoblenergo”, which started at the beginning of 2007, and deepening of cooperation with SPF Titan T Ltd and Oltest Ltd gave our company the possibilities to begin the deliveries of mobile testing laboratories for metrological certification of voltage and current transformers with a class of voltage of 35 kV and 110 kV. Mobile testing laboratories allow to define an error of current transformers with rated primary currents from 15 to 3000 A with secondary current 5 A classes of accuracy 0,2S and below, and an error of voltage transformers with a rated primary voltage of 6, 10, 35, 110 kV with secondary voltage of 100 V, a class of accuracy 0,5 on an operation place. Laboratories found it’s application not only in Ukraine, but also at Republic of Belarus energy enterprises.

“PROMIX” Ltd. had got considerable experience in shipments of the most modern measuring equipment and the diagnostic equipment for the enterprises of an electrical power complex in 2008. In many respects it was connected with implementation of the contract between our company and SS “Atomcomplekt” of SE NAEK “Energoatom” on delivery of the equipment for definition of a residual resource of cables within implementation of the Project of increase of safety of power units of HAES-2/RAES-4 “after start-up” (action 24211) for increase of safety of power units No. 2 SS “Hmelnitsky NPP” of SE NAEK “Energoatom” and No. 4 SS “Rovno NPP” of SE NAEK “Energoatom”. There were instruments for power cables damages testing and definitions , the equipment for search of the route, diagnostic complexes of high-voltage electric power installations and cables parameters control, IR cameras in shipped lots. With producers of this equipment (among them such well known worldwide the companies as SEBA KMT, Germany, Doble Engineering Co., USA, Omicron Electonics GmbH, Austria, FLIR Systems Inc., Sweden, and others), “PROMIX” Ltd established close partnership. At implementation of the contract our company gained valuable experience of providing the accompanying services connected with certification of devices in Ukraine, the operational documentation translation, carrying out training of the personnel of the customer in work with the equipment, providing guarantee and service, performance of installation and adjusting.

Large volume of the performed works, increase of many financial and economic indicators of activity of company allowed it’s collective to win one more award in Ukraine. In 2008 official information of Government bodies of statistics of Ukraine awarded “PROMIX” Ltd.as the Leader of branch, having won the third place in Ukraine on a primary activity “Production, installation and delivery of control-measurement teсhnique” according to a total ball by criteria: the volume of the realized production, net profit, labor productivity and a salary.

In 2009 the RLC meter of MHC1100 was delivered in the Belarusian state institute of metrology (BelGIM) and entered in the register of means of measuring equipment of Republic of Belarus. Along with RLC meter MHC1100 in BELGIM specially developed box of measures of dielectric loss tangent was shipped.

Especially it is necessary to allocate the project on creation and delivery to BELGIM of a complex of the standard equipment for storage and transfer of value of electric resistance (active) as a part of the RLC Standard comparator with a set of electric resistance temperature-controlled measures in 2011. The project was executed by “PROMIX” Ltd together with Institute of precision measurements of SE “Ukrmetrteststandart”.

Our company constantly strengthened cooperation with domestic and foreign producers of the equipment for mobile laboratories. It allowed to reduce the price of the cost of foreign laboratories due to their installation in Ukraine, and also to provide fast and qualitative guarantee and service of laboratories and the figurative devices entering into them.

In 2011 the company performed the project on development, installation and delivery mobile electrotechnical Classic laboratory for diagnostics and test of high-voltage cable lines of SEBA KMT production for one of leaders in Ukraine of the power supplying companies JSC “Odessaoblenergo”. Installation of laboratory was executed in Ukraine on the Mersedes-Benz 416 CDI car basis. The laboratory is completed with the most modern equipment of this class. At the end of the same year “PROMIX” Ltd carried out installation and delivery of mobile emergency laboratory for damages (leaks) of sites of thermal networks search for Thermal Networks Branch of PJSC Kiyevenergo. The laboratory is completed a number of devices of production of Seba KMT (in particular, the device Hydrolux HL 5000 PRO Set for localization of places of leak of water with the acoustic method; the correlator for localization of places of leak of water Lap Top Korrelator Correlux P250, Set; portable ultrasonic flowmeter of UDM 200-M; the device for search of cables and the vLoc Pro SD System 10W pipelines) and mounted on the basis of the GAZ 2752 car.

“PROMIX” Ltd conducts permanent job with divisions of SE “Ukrzaliznytsya”. In last years it allowed to carry out serious modernization to branch service of power supply of GTOO “Southwest Railroad”. Mobile electrotechnical laboratories, devices for diagnostics of high-voltage installations and cables, electric equipment, the equipment for search of the route and IR cameras were shipped to the railroad. The specialists of the railroad service use the detector of the partial discharges PDS100 of production of Doble Engineering Co. This instrument allows to carry out contactless diagnostics and to reveal malfunctions of the high-voltage equipment at initial stages of their emergence.

Performance of these and a number of other projects allowed to “PROMIX” Ltd to achieve in 2011 significant progress in technical and economic development. The confirmation of this was the nomination of our company on a rank “The leader of branch 2011″ on direction of “Production, installation and delivery of control-measurement teсhnique”, on the rank Winner of the All-Ukrainian rating “The best enterprises of Ukraine – 2011″, on receiving a rank “The exporter of year in Ukraine”, on receiving an award of “International Arch of Europe Award” (Gold Category).

In 2012 the SebaKMT company was included into structure of the international group of companies Megger Ltd which for already more than 100 years is the main producer and the supplier of the electric and test equipment in the field of power industry. The integrated product range of two firms, practically, blocks all range of tasks for measurements and diagnostics in power industry, municipal services. “PROMIX” Ltd became the dealer of Megger in Ukraine.

Very responsible for us was the project on a complete set, installation and delivery of the first in Ukraine completely automatic mobile electrotechnical laboratory “Centrix” with equipment produced by SebaKMT for PJSC “KIYEVENERGO”.

Distinctive characteristics of Centrix laboratory are:

  • completely automatic measurement and recognition of parameters. All standard procedures spend automatically with the help of single-knob management (joystick);
  • automatic results recording;
  • centralized management of all functions of electrotechnical laboratory;
  • seven integrated innovative methods of damages preliminary localization;
  • the highest degree of works safety;
  • the patented concept of EasyGo management.

The project was successfully realized at the end of 2012. The same year “PROMIX” Ltd was ranked as “The leader of branch, 2012″.

Since 2013 our company started the cooperation with Consortium “NPO Ukrgidroenergobud” which is a general contractor of construction of Dniester pumped storage power plant at Novodnestrovsk. “PROMIX” Ltd had shipped generating switches and current-limiting reactors for hydrounits No. 2 and No. 3 of pumped storage power plant.

In 2014 “PROMIX” Ltd. quality control system concerning development, production, delivery and service of control and measuring equipment, the diagnostic equipment, mobile electrotechnical and testing laboratories, the thermovision equipment, precision metrological devices was certified on compliance to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001:2009.