In this section you can find information about metrological instruments of PROMIX Ltd, which were developed last time, and references to the sights of our partners – leading producers of metrological apparatus

The scientific-technical group of PROMIX Ltd headed by professor Dr.Surdu M.N. is engaged in working out and manufacture of instruments for needs of metrology. The brief information on instruments which are developed and made by this group:


CAEEECEFE0F0E0F2EEF02001141645081[1]The last word in the field of impedance measuring, the most unique system is intended for precision reproduction of units of characteristics of complex resistance, transfer of the values of units in a measurement range, and also for measurement of capacity C, inductance L, active resistance R, a tangent of angle of losses tgδ, a tangent of a phase corner tgφ, time constant τ during the process of metrological works on certification and checking of measures of characteristics of complex resistance, and also for exact measurement of these characteristics. The comparison error on R, L, C is less than 1×10-7. The instrument has small dimensions and weight.



RLC2001179407486[1]It is intended for automatic definition of parameters of an impedance (capacity C, inductance L, active resistance R, mutual inductance M, a tangent of angle of losses tgδ and a tangent of angle of phase shift tgφ (quality factor QC and QL)) on any of two-element equivalent circuits, and also percentage deviations with representation of results of measurements in a digital form. RLС-meter can be used for performance of metrological works, at the checking of electro and radio engineering products, in scientific researches, at measurements of not electric quantities with use of any type sensors.

RLС-meter provides: an automatic choice of character of reactance of object of measurements on the criterion “the prevailing parameter”; the account of initial parameters; averaging of results of measurements; elimination of influence of network interferences (on the separate stipulated frequencies); measurement with adjustment of value of ac voltage submitted on object of measurement; two modes of measurements: single – for measurement of unknown quantities; following – for continuous measurement of changing in time quantities; four-pair connection of object of measurement.



D1C0-320Resized11138011483[1]This multichannel high-precision system is intended for measurement of following physical parameters in metrology: temperatures, humidity, pressure, deformation, small displacements, a magnetic induction, dc voltage. The system can work with two channels in an independent mode and over 512 channels in an operating mode from the personal computer. Thus, any type of the sensor (with output parameter resistance, transfer coefficient or voltage) can be connect to each channel. The relative error of measurement is 2х10-5 for transfer coefficient or voltage or 5х10-5 for resistance. The instrument has small dimensions and weight (0,5 kg). Due to excellent characteristics the device is already successfully used in many metrological centers of Ukraine and CIS countries.


PROMIX Ltd together with JSC “Khmelnitskoblenergo”, SPF “Titan-Т” Ltd and Oltest Ltd supplies the mobile calibrating laboratories for metrological certification of current and voltage transformers with a voltage classes 35 kV and 110 kV.

Development of the industry of Ukraine and, accordingly, increase of demand of instruments and systems has forced PROMIX Ltd to search for suppliers and to expand the assortment of the delivered metrological equipment which yet is not manufactured now in Ukraine.

PROMIX Ltd is the official dealer of some leading world manufacturers of precision measuring instruments for metrology, namely: Measurements International (Canada); Andeen-Hagerling (USA); Tinsley Precision Instruments (GB); IET Labs (USA); Radian Research (USA) and others.