PD Loc

Partial discharge diagnostic system PD Loc

Product Description

The PD LOC system solves the problem of pinpointing for mixed cables (XLPE / PILC) and for PD in joints of single core cables. The exact location of the joints in the field is generally not known, and these joints cannot be localised using audio frequency methods.

The system has an impulse transmitter that uses a induc-tive coupler to inject a signal into the cable.

The receiving and evaluating unit consists of an input amplifier for proc-essing the signal and a control unit in the pelicase. The visualisation of the distance system’s transmitter location is performed by using a TDR T30-E PD reflectometer in a separate menu, by means of an additional PD software function.

Key Benefits:

  • Foil keyboard with LEDs for selecting the pulse width
  • Impulse couplers 42 and 64 mm
  • Very easy to handle and operate
  • 24 hours of operation with one battery charge
  • Evaluation identical to the OWTS pre-location
  • Cable identification option



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