Electrotechnical combined laboratory ETL-35K

Product Description

Electrotechnical combined laboratory ETL-35K is intended for:

  • Testing of high-voltage insulators, cables and other devices by the constant (up to 60 kV) and 50 Hz AC (up to 100 kV) high voltage;
  • Burning-through defective isolation of cables with the next its afterburning;
  • Measurement of capacitance and dissipation factor of electrical objects under the AC voltage up to 10 kV;
  • Definition of distance up to the damaged place of high-voltage cables on the low-voltage and by the pulse not burning-through method on a high voltage;
  • Definition of the cable buses lines with voltage 0,4-10 kV;
  • Topographic definition of damaged places of the cable buses by the induction and acoustic methods (In detail >>>).


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