Electrotechnical laboratory ETL-35

Product Description

Electrotechnical laboratory ETL-35 is intended for:

  • Testing of insulation of cables and other devices by the constant and AC (50 Hz) high voltage;
  • Testing of electrical objects on the low voltage;
  • Measurement of capacitance and dissipation factor of electrical objects under the voltage up to 10 kV.

Operating conditions:

  • A range of temperatures of air:    from – 20оС up to +40оС;
  • Relative humidity of air at the temperature 25оС:  up to 80%;
  • Atmospheric pressure, mm mercury: 650 – 800.

Power supply of ETL-35 is from an industrial three-phases or single-phase AC network with frequency 50 Hz. A supply from the independent generator by capacity not less than 2,2 kVA is supposed.

ETL-35 is operated by the brigade consists of 2 persons which have permission on the work in networks with voltage over 1000 kV (In detail >>>).


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