The oscillating wave test system OWTS

Product Description

The oscillating wave test system OWTS is used to identify, evaluate and locate partial discharge (PD) faults in a cable insulation and in joints and terminations.

The HV unit generates the attenuated oscillating frequency up to the peak v oltage of the system. An Embedded controller for the operation and the digital signal processing and storage from two 100 MHz AD converter systems is intergrated in the cylindrical  housing. Transport wheels permit easy transportation. The communication to the user interface of the notebook is done by W-LAN. Optional a optical data link is possible.

Salient Features:

  • PD diagnosis under oscillating wave test voltage – electrical field distribution as in nominal service conditions;
  • PD level measurement according to IEC 270 at a bandwidth of 150 … 650 kHz;
  • Automatic Calibration and Joint location facility;
  • Semi- and fully automatic PD analysing software for defect location with mapping feature;
  • Calculation of the cable capacitance and the tan delta value of the test object from the characteristic decrease of the voltage wave shape;
  • Simple to use and easy to handle menu-driven unit for operation of the test sequence;
  • Compact design; low weight

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