PCITS2000/2 Primary current injection test sets

Product Description

  •   Test relay protection systems and their current transformers together
  •   Current level maintained though test circuit resistance may rise due to heating
  •   Built-in timer to record protection relay operation

This Primary Current Injection Test Set is rugged, self-contained and designed for operation by one person.

The PCITS2000/2 is a two-wheeled unit (with a handle).

The test set has a separate hand-held controller connected by an expandable cable. This allows the operator to work close to a protective relay while controlling a test. The maximum output current is 2000 A a.c. at line frequency. By changing the range switch, half the rated output can be obtained at twice the voltage.

Additionally, a separate auxiliary voltage output of 250 V, 2 A a.c. or 125 V, 2 A a.c. is available for testing voltage operated relay coils or checking the magnetisation characteristics of current transformers. All outputs are fully variable and each test set has a nominal duty cycle when delivering full current and voltage. Continuous operation is possible at 40% of maximum current.


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