Sebalog N-3


Product Description

Network-compatible noise loggers for acoustic zone monitoring

Permanent pipe network monitoring is becoming an integral part of drinking water supply.In addition to proven technology such as Lift&Shift or patrol, the Sebalog N-3 system is able to transmit measurement data by GSM directly to the control centre using a newly developed network mode.

The combination of remote data transmission and professional user software enables the user to search for the leak exactly in the places where there is a high probability of a leak. This effective pre-location method saves valuable time
and money.

More information about network monitoring with GSM 


  • USB wireless interface
  • Flexible use – temporary, permanent or in the network
  • Wireless communication between all components
  • Audio data recorded directly in the logger
  • “Commander” with colour display, USB, huge memory capacity, and much more
  • Complete group/logger management without a PC
  • History function
  • Extended wireless range using repeater
  • TNC version with external antenna available


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