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“PROMIX” Ltd. provides warranty, service and information support to customers.

Features and conditions of the current market of measurement and diagnostic equipment make high demands to the service departments of any large companies-manufacturers of these products.

In the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of laboratories and devices, first of all, we try to provide high quality.

A distinctive feature of our service is an ability not only to ensure maintenance of the equipment in guarantee period, but also support the customer from the moment of purchase throughout the life of the equipment.

We provide:

The phone support of  the customer on the selection and operation of our equipment;

departure of the expert to the customer;

sale of separate parts, components and consumables;

prompt warranty and post-warranty repair, maintenance directly from the manufacturer to the customer;

On equipment supplied by “PROMIX” Ltd. provides warranty period from 1 to 2 years.

To ensure high quality service “PROMIX” Ltd. has everything you need, namely:

highly qualified personnel;

modern materials and technologies for the installation and commissioning of laboratories and equipment;

the stock of spare parts.

Guaranteed quality of our equipment and qualified technical service — the key to flawless operation of the equipment, which supplies “PROMIX” Ltd.!