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PROMIX LTD. participant the 16th international exhibition of elcomUkraine 2012

9 2012


 April 9, 2012
Category: News

Ladies and gentlemen!

PROMIX Ltd. invites you to visit our booth at the sixteenth international power engineering, electrical engineering and energy efficiency exhibition elcomUkraine 2012, which will take place from 17th to 20th of April at KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center (2-b, Salyutna Str., Kyiv).

At our booth You will find the diagnostic and measuring equipment of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and obtain detailed information about the mobile laboratories and equipment, which provides electrical and power engineering enterprises PROMIX Ltd. In particular, the stand will be presented by:

- equipment for searching and monitoring of parameters of high-voltage cables (receiver DigiphonePlus shock waves and a device for selecting the cable from the beam CI of SEBA DYNATRONIC; receiver «POISK-2006M», reflectometer «ISKRA-3», GZCH-2500 with receiver P806 of FL-P M.V. Butko);- modern systems of contactless diagnostics based on thermal control facilities (thermals imagers MobIR M8 and thermals imagers EasIR-4 of Wuhan Infrared Co.);- partial discharge surveyor PDS100 of DOBLE ENGINEERING Co.;- instruments for measuring parameters of transformers (measuring instruments IPI-10; the meter of transformers parameters K540-3 of FL-P M.V. Butko);- mobile electrotechnical laboratory ETL-35T of FL-P M.V. Butko (at open platform, the stand № YF09);- RLC-meter precision MNS 1100 of PROMIX Ltd. The device provides a measurement of the impedance (capacitance C, inductance L, resistance R, the mutual inductance M, the loss tangent tgd, the tangent of the phase angle tgj) at frequencies from 0,5 Hz to 100 000 (including – 50 Hz). RLC-meter precision MNS 1100 is certified and submitted to the State register of measuring instruments in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Also on the stand You will obtain information about the devices for locating faults in networks and water supply systems (equipment for water leak locating by acoustic method Hydrolux HL 5000 PRO Set; korrelator for water leak locating Lap Top Korrelator Correlux P250, Set; portable ultrasonic flowmeter UDM 200-M; device for cables and pipelines searching VLocPro) of SEBA DYNATRONIC, instrument for transformer parameters measuring (insulation analyzer M4100) of DOBLE ENGINEERING Co. and many other contemporary foreign and domestic control and measurement, diagnostic devices and systems.

We will be glad to see you among the visitors of our stand № J761 in hall number 3, as well as at open platform № YF09 stand at the exhibition elcomUkraine 2012.

Interactive floor plan:exhibition hall №3 http://elcom.ua/plan.php?planid=9;street plan http://elcom.ua/plan.php?planid=10.

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