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3rd all-Ukrainian technical workshop

18 2020


 February 18, 2020
Category: News

On April 14-16, 2020 PROMIX Ltd. will participate in the 3rd all-Ukrainian technical workshop on the application of test and diagnostic equipment and electrotechnical laboratories for energy specialists. The workshop will be organized by the representative office of «Seba Dynatronics Mess- und Ortungstechnik GmbH», MEGGER Group. The seminar will be attended by representatives of many power companies in Ukraine, as well as technical specialists from Seba Dynatronic and Megger. The venue of the workshop is PJSC “Odeskabel” in Odesa. The workshop will consist of both of theoretical and practical parts with equipment demonstration.

Theoretical part:

  • Basics of work with a mobile electrotechnical laboratory for testing and diagnosing underground cable and localization cable damage;
  • Introduction to the multifunctional TRAX system for testing substation equipment;
  • Smart Grid, standard ІЕС 61850;
  • Analyzer ТС and ТН MVCT;
  • Equipment for a route tracing, grounding measurement, low-voltage equipment;
  • Relay protection, switches testing;
  • History of the PJSC “Odeskabel” factory and it`s products;
  • Diagnosing and testing of electric machines (MEGGER Baker Іпstrumeпts).

Practical part:

  • Introduction to mobile electric laboratories. Carrying out a route tracing, searching for cable faults and diagnosing underground cable lines, testing cable sheath and pinpointing the exact position of the cable fault;
  • Introduction to the multifunctional TRAX system for testing substation equipment. Carrying out a testing of power transformer;
  • Diagnosing and testing of electric machines (MEGGER , Baker lnstruments; model ЕХР4000).

Equipment which will be presented during the seminar:

  • laboratory Compact City on the base of device ТDМ 4540-P-TD-PD;
  • laboratory Compact City on the base of device SFX-32;
  • multifunctional system TRAX 220;
  • surge wave receiver Digiphone+;
  • audio frequency receiver Ferrolux MLE;
  • sheath fault location system MFM1О;
  • sheath fault locator ESG-NT;
  • device for cable fault pinpointing in low voltage networks FaultSniffer;
  • high voltage hand-held insulation and continuity tester МІТ 2500;
  • dynamic motor analyzer ЕХР4000;
  • low-voltage equipment.

The organizers of the workshop asking to confirm participation for specialists of interested enterprises and provide information regarding their full name, position and contact number of the participant by March 13, 2020. Seats are limited, don’t hesitate. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists by phone numbers listed on the website.

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