FREJA 406 and FREJA 409 Relay testing system

Product Description

  •  Fully automated testing using FREJA Win software
  •  PC operated or stand alone using the intuitive graphic touch screen
  •  High current, high power output (60 A / 300 VArms) per phase
  •  FREJA 409 provides 3 x 120 A in threephase configuration mode
  •  FREJA 406 provides 6 currents, and FREJA 409 provides 9 currents for transformer differential testing
  •  IEC 61850 test capabilities

The FREJA 400-series is a new member of the relay testing equipment from Megger, quick and easy to use. The rugged hardware design is built for field use over a wide temperature range, with the possibilities of intelligent software to perform rapid testing.

The instruments have the “smart” combination of high compliance voltage and high current to test all electromechanical, solid-state and numerical-based overcurrent relays, including voltage controlled, voltage restraint and directional overcurrent.

With three current generators and four voltage generators the instruments provides a complete three-phase test system for commissioning of three phase protection systems. The FREJA 406 can provide 6 current generation and FREJA 409 can provide 9 current generation by converting the voltage channels to currents. The generators also provide high power in both the voltage and current channels to test virtually all types of protection relays.


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