Digiphone: Pinpoint locator, directional and acoustic

Product Description

The Digiphone is a directional acoustic listening device for the pinpointing of flash-over faults on power cables. State-of-the-art technology and ease of handling enables even users without training to locate precisly cable faults in conjunction with a surge generator (thumper).

The Digiphone measures the signals received by specially developed magnetic and acoustic sensors, which are integrated in one housing.

The location of the buried cable can be determined by the direction and intensity of the magnetic field, produced by the impulse current of a surge generator (thumper). With the bargraph-indicator of the Digiphone, the intensity of the strength of the magnetic field can be measured. This has a maximum directly above the cable.

The acoustic locating is done by measuring the flash-over noise. A switchable filter is built-in to optimise the measurement. The bandwidth of this filter is designed to minimise ambient noise (wind, vehicles) (In detail >>>).


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