TM1800 Dual Ground Circuit Breaker Analyzer

Product Description

  •   Modular based design — user configurable TM1800 from nine different modules
  •   Built in PC with CABA Local software — advanced testing with predefined breaker test plans (templates), onsite measurement view and analysis
  •   Dual ground testing using DCM module — increased safety with both sides of breaker grounded
  •   Fast and easy testing — Select-Connect-Inspect workflow and high level user interface
  •   Graphical results for quick interpretation — timing and motion measurements, coil currents
  •   USB and Ethernet communication interface — for quick back up, LAN connection and printer options
  •   CABA Win — for advanced data analysis, database interface and common test data archive

The TM1800 is the instrument platform for circuit breaker maintenance, based on more than 20 years’ experience of over 4,000 delivered breaker analyzers. The modular construction makes it possible to configure the TM1800

for measurements on all known types of circuit breakers in operation in today’s power world.


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