SMRT36 Megger Relay Test System

Product Description

  •   Small, rugged, lightweight and powerful
  •   Operate with or without a computer
  •   Intuitive manual operation with Smart Touch View Interface
  •   High current, high power (60 Amps/300 VA rms) per phase
  •   Network interface provides IEC 61850 test capabilities
  •   Fully automated testing using AVTS Software

For size, weight, and features the SMRT36 is conceivably the smallest, lightest, highest output powered, complete three phase relay test system in the world today. The test system may be customized by adding the number of Voltage-Current, “VIGEN”, modules needed for specific test applications. For electric utility use, the SMRT36 with three VIGEN Modules provides complete three-phase testing of three-phase impedance, directional power, negative sequence overcurrent and other devices that require a three-phase four-wire wye connected source.

With three modules, output current and VA is tripled for high instantaneous or high burden overcurrent relays. With the voltage channels converted to currents, the same unit can provide 6-phase current. The SMRT36 VIGEN modules also provide high power in BOTH the voltage and current channels to test virtually all relays.


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