RLC-meter MNS 1100

Product Description

The meter is intended for automatic measurement of the impedance parameters (capacity C, inductance L, active resistance R, mutual inductance M, loss tangent tgd, phase tangent tgj, and the quality factors QC and QL) by any of the two element equivalent circuit and also the percent deviations with representation of results in digital view.

The meter can be used in metrological works, in checking of electrical and radio equipment, in scientific researches, in measurement of non-electric values with usage of any kinds measurement sensors.

The meter can provide:

  • The automatic choice of the reactance character of the measurement object by the criteria “prevailing parameter”;
  • Registration of the primary parameters;
  • Averaging of the measurement parameters; the removal of the net interference (on the separate stipulated frequencies);
  • Measurement with regulation of the value of the alternating current voltage, applied to the object of measurement;
  • Two measurements modes: single – for measurement of unknown sizes; following – for continues measurement of changing in time values;
  • A four terminal connection of the measurement objects (In detail >>>).


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