Cable Identifier CI

Product Description

Cable Identifier

The unmistakable identification of a cable prior to cutting or mounting is an absolute safety related task. A wrong selection can result in fatal consequences for the operator and caused the loss of supply for the connected customers. For the easy, reliable and safe selection of cables, SebaKMT developed the CI cable selection system.

The CI TX Transmitter generates impulses of up to 100 A. Due to the limitation of impulse voltage to 55 V, the voltage is below the dangerous contact voltage limit, as specified by the German VDE 0100.

The CI RX receiver uses a flex clamp to measure the selection signals. The processor of the CI RX does an evaluation if the impulse shape, polarity, amplitude and frequency and generates an absolute reliable statement.

Key benefits:

  • Easiest operation
  • Safe selection
  • Small, light and handy


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