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Thermal imaging inspection is one of the NDT method. This method is carried out with a thermal imaging camera. The device performs imaging in the infrared range, which allows to identify possible defects of thermal insulation and heat loss (cooling) at any stage of operation.

“PROMIX” Ltd. helds the inspection of buildings with thermal imager, making an observation of heat radiation design in the infrared range. We measure temperature of walling at all of their points. As a result of the measurement we obtaine photographs (images) in IR radiation, which change color in the spectrum from blue (cold) to red (warm) due to the temperature changes. The obtained thermograms allow us to identify the sources of heat leakage and establish the causes of these leaks.

Also “PROMIX” Ltd. makes the defects definition of equipment. Our experts can carry out monitoring of power plants as at their start of working, both at carrying out of planned and extraordinary inspections. The majority of electrical defects shows itself in the form of increased temperature of the whole structure or its separate parts surfaces. This fact can be detected remotely using an infrared camera, and it is not required to withdraw the equipment from service in this case.